Hello Traders!
FX Pip Collector here.

As a Forex trader, I aim to help you achieve consistently profitable trading ASAP.

I have been trading the Forex markets since 2009.

I use Elliot wave, Fibonacci analysis, structure analysis and basic price action analysis as my edge in the markets. I like to keep my charts very clean. I am not a fan of any indicators, they are all lagging and only really work in hindsight. The best indicator you have is your eyes. With your eyes you can learn to read the markets like you learned to read the alphabet when you were a child.

key points

I analyze Forex, Crypto, and Commodities Markets Daily Using

Naked Charts

Eliminating Unnecessary Indicators

Instead Relying on Elliot Wave


Price Action to Interpret Market Trends.

why with me?

Based on Over 15 Years of Trading Experience,

I take a top-down approach to identify optimal entry points

I keep my trading strategy straightforward, aiming to teach you how to read the markets like a book. We can simplify the trading process and work towards your financial success.

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Join a Community of Like Minded Traders Helping Each Other Out

I like to call it traders helping traders. Like the great Napolean Hill says, it takes a master mind group for any one person to be successful. Trading can be a very lonely business so have a community of like-minded trader that know will have your back is very key for success.

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